Bathroom Solutions for Pugs that are Refusing to be House Broken

Have you spent 40 minutes with your This is a picture of a cute pug hiding in the grass.pug on a walk, waiting for it to go the bathroom and giving up in despair, to only have it go the bathroom once you bring it back inside? Our Pug Experts have seen this many times. Whether your pug was not trained to relieve itself on walks or it just has become too old and fussy we have the bathroom solutions for your pug. Pugs are incredibly friendly and loyal dogs; however, they can be extremely high maintenance especially when it comes to simple task like relieving themselves while on a walk. Pugs are great apartment dogs because they are well tempered and become very lethargic as they age. If taking your dog proves to be useless to relieve themselves consider these useful tips to help your pug no longer go the bathroom in your home.

Steps to Help with Bathroom Solutions to Prevent Your Pug from Going the Bathroom in Your Home

  1. The first step to your pugs bathroom solution is to go to your local home improvement store (Home Depot or Lowes), and purchase a 2 Feet x 5 Feet sod of grass. You will want to ask a sales person for a large plastic trash bag to put the rolled up sod in so it won’t dirty your car or truck. They should provide this bag free of cost.
  2. Bring the sod of grass on your balcony or backyard. You will want to tear the bag length wise so you will have a barrier to place the sod of grass on to prevent the grass from sticking to the floor.
  3. Unroll the sod of grass on the plastic bag. You should have a brand new piece of grass that your pug will enjoy.
  4. Introduce your pug to the sod of grass. Your pug should immediately understand that the piece of grass is theirs.
  5. You should now feed your pug on the balcony or backyard near the grass, so when your pug finishes eating they will be near the grass to relieve themselves. When your pug is finished relieving itself, you should pick up the poo with a paper towel and flush it down your toilet.

Care and Maintenance of Your New Grass

You should water your grass about once every two days. We suggest using about half a gallon of water and evenly distributing the water among the grass. In hotter seasons you may have to use a full gallon every two days. You can expect your grass to last about 3 to 6 weeks with regular maintenance.

Removing Your Grass

After about 3 to 6 weeks it will be time to replace your grass. An easy way to remove your used sod of grass is to have a large trash bag handy. If the dirt is slightly damp it will be easier to roll back up. You should roll the used grass up like a sushi roll using the plastic bag under the grass to keep everything neatly together. A friend should hold the new trash bag open while you place the old rolled up grass in it. You will want to throw the grass away in an approved spot, like a trash can that is meant to remove organic debris.