How to Relieve your Pugs Cough with Premium Pug's Pug-Expert Advice

Your pug is the person who brightens your day and makes you happy so it is concerning when you see them sufferingRelieving your pugs cough with pug expert advice on Premium Pug. from a cough. There are many reasons why your pug could have suddenly developed a cough, such as a collapsed trachea, kennel cough or even heart disease. If your pug is suffering a great deal our Pug Experts recommend visiting your veterinarian. There are things you can do to help relieve your pugs cough on your own though.

Our Pug Experts have seen many coughs and some the easiest ways to relieve the symptoms can be quite simple. As your pug ages you will need to change habits in their lives that should help relieve coughs and ensure their quality of life.

1. Switch From Dry Food to Wet Food

Our Pug Experts have had great success with relieving coughs by simply switching your dog’s food from a hard dry food to a soft high quality wet food. Pugs tend to not chew their food when they eat and swallowing dry food can irritate your pug’s trachea. Switching your pug from a dry food to a soft wet food should help relieve your pugs cough. Our Pug Experts have seen success with Cesar gourmet dog food. If after about a week the cough is not improving, our Pug Experts recommend visiting your veterinarian.

2. Always Wear a Harness When Taking Your Pug on a Walk

Our Pug Experts always recommend your pug wear a harness when going on walks. Your pug should always have the leash attached to the harness and never by the collar. Pugs are susceptible to a collapsed trachea, this is why our Pug Experts never recommend walking your pug with the leash attached to the collar. Collars are meant to carrying your pug’s identification and never meant to be the primary leash attaching device. Our Pug Experts recommend purchasing a high quality harness especially designed to fit your pugs.

3. Consider Putting Your Pug on a Diet

Everyone loves a fat pug, they are cute with extra folds of skin but their weight could be a huge hindrance to their health. An overweight pug will have trouble breathing which will cause them to strain while breathing causing a cough. If your pug is visibly overweight our Pug Experts suggest putting your pug on a diet. Try feeding your pug ¾ of the food you normally feed them. About six weeks later you should visibly see that your pug has lost a little bit of weight. This should help make breathing easier for your pug.