How to Cut Your Pugs Nails in 6 Steps

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How do you know it is time to cut your pugs nails?Cut your pugs nails yourself in 6 simple steps with this black pug.

Is your pug getting their nails stuck in the carpet? Do you constantly know where your pug is because you can hear their nails tapping on the hard wood floors? It might be time to cut your pugs nails when you cannot comfortably have them cuddle with you because their nails are scratching you. Luckily with help from your friendly Pug Experts at Premium Pug, you can cut your pugs nails yourself and save money in the process.

What tools will you need to cut your pugs nails?

The Pug Experts recommend that you purchase Professional High Grade Stainless Steel Dog Clippers which will help prevent you for over-cutting with a built in safety guard. You will also need a friend, a towel, and some tender love.

These are professional grade dog nail trimmers perfect for cutting your pugs nails yourself.What information do you need to know before you start?

Your Pug may be apprehensive about getting it's nails trimmed because it has had bad experiences in the past with other groomers but with our Pug Experts tips you will be able to keep your pug calm and happy. It is important that when you cut your pugs nails to cut only a tiny bit once a week. Dogs have an inner blood vessel in their nails that called the quick that is sensitive. The quick is nestled inside the nail and will continue to recede further into the nail when tiny increments of the nail are cut each week. You should be able to avoid cutting the quick by being patient and only cutting a small portion of the nail every grooming.

The Six Simple Steps to Cut Your Pugs Nails Properly:

  1. Make sure your pug is calm and relaxed. Have a friend hold your pug in their lap while they are sitting cross legged on their rear end. Your pugs belly should be exposed with their legs extending out. Calm you pug down and assure them that they are just about to receive a belly rubbing. This is picture to demonstrate how to properly cut a pugs nails in six simple steps.Keep your pugs paws out of sight by covering them with a towel just below their chin.  Continue with the gentle belly rubbing to prevent any suspicion by your pug.
  2. With your pug's paws covered under the towel, gently begin touching their nails. Touching their nails with your fingers will help get them accumulated to this sensation before you begin trimming.
  3. Gently place just the very end of your pugs toe nail into the slot where the trimmers will cut. Only cut the very end! You will need to exert force quickly to make the blades trim the nail. We suggest you cut just a tiny bit of the end of the toe nail. Cutting a tiny portion once a week ensures that you will not cut the quick and will allow time for the quick to recede deeper in the nail.
  4. If you’re properly cutting the nail and not cutting to far back, your pug should have almost no reaction. If your pug is fighting the nail trimming and you are uncomfortable with the process, you should seek the services of a professional dog groomer. If you’re cutting the nails properly and your pug is not upset by the trimming, move onto the next foot. If your pug is getting anxious let them have a break and start again later.
  5. Gently file your pugs nails down so they don’t scratch anything. You can repeat the same process of laying your pug down and covering their lower half with a towel. Don’t forget to reward your pugs good behavior with a treat.
  6. Check after you have trimmed the nails to ensure there is no blood. If there is blood you have cut the quick and you can use styptic powder to quickly stop the bleeding. If your pug has not bled than you should wait a week and continue cutting just a tiny bit of the nail. If your dog has experienced bleeding it will need more time to allow the quick to recede. Wait two weeks and try cutting less the next time.This is an image to demonstrate how to cut your pugs nails in six simple steps.

Cutting your pugs nails yourself can seem intimidating but once you and your pug get familiar with the process it is really easy. Remember to be patient with the process and do not try to cut to much at once.

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