About Premium Pug

Our Mission

Premium Pug is dedicated to giving pug lovers the tools to express to the world just how much their pug means to them. Premium Pug will continue to strive to create the friendliest Pug store in the world.

PremiumPug.com started its humble beginnings as a concept to help unite pug lovers across the world. The founder Brian Moser, was inspired by his local community of pug lovers to create a place where friends could get access to all the things they needed for their pugs. He wanted a place that was specifically designed with pugs in mind because they are such a unique breed of dog. Brian knew pugs have special needs and he wanted to create a place that could help pug owners take care of their pugs.

brian moser and talula, guy and pug, black pug, guy holding pug

PremiumPug.com wants to provide a virtual space that will provide the best clothing, pug necessities and information to help you take care of the pug you love most. PremiumPug.com would love to have their friends share pictures and stories of their favorite pugs with our website to help create a pug community. Please don't be shy and share pictures or stories of your pug and we will be happy to feature your pet on our site and social media platforms.